Department Links

Bureau of Statistics

Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji

Department of Heritage and Arts

Department of Energy

Government Shipping Services

Department of Immigration

Department of Town & Country Planning

Judicial Department

Film Fiji

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji

Fiji Meteorological Service

Investment Fiji

Tourism Fiji

Land Transport Authority

Mineral Resources Division

iTaukei Land Transport

Office of the Auditor General

Parliament of Fiji

Republic of Fiji Military Forces

Reserve Bank of Fiji

   Ministry Links

Office of the President

Office of the Prime Minister

Office of the Attorney General

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Civil Service

Ministry of Defence, National Security & Policing

Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport

Ministry of Infrastructure & Meteorological Services

Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources

Ministry of Health & Medical Services

Ministry of Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation

Ministry of Waterways & Environment

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts

Ministry of Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations

Ministry of Youth & Sports

Ministry of Fisheries

Ministry of Forestry

Ministry of Housing & Community Development