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There are twenty-two (22) Diplomatic Missions based in Suva, Fiji. The Heads of Missions are listed in order of precedence by dates of presentations of credentials to His Excellency the President.


 HE Mrs Reteta Rimon, High Commissioner

High Commission of the Republic of Kiribati
P O Box 17937
36 MacGregor Road

Ph: 3302512
Ph: 3315335




 HE Kim Aroi, High Commissioner

High Commissioner
Nauru High Commission
7th Floor
Ratu Sukuna House


P O Box 2420
Government Buildings

Ph: 3313566 / 3312032
Fax: 3312032 / 3318311



Federated States of Micronesia

 HE Mr Sebastian Anefal, Ambassador

Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia 

P O Box 15493
37 Loftus Street

Ph: 3304566
Fax: 3304081




 Solomon Islands

 HE Mr John Patteson Oti, High Commissioner

Solomon Islands High Commission 
Plaza 1, Level 3
Downtown Boulevard

P O Box 2647
Government Buildings

Ph: 3100355
Fax: 3100356



 iconEuropean 128 Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific

 HE Julian Wilson, Head of Delegation

Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific
Level 6, TappooCity Complex

Private Mail Bag
Level 6, TappooCity Complex
| Corner of Scott & Usher Streets


Ph: 3313633
Fax: 3300370


       iconbritain        United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

 HE Ms Melanie Hopkins , High Commissioner

British High Commission 
Victoria Parade
47 Gladstone Road

P O Box 1355
Government Buildings

Ph: 3229100
Fax: 3229132 / 3229140




       iconundp        United Nations Development Programme

 HE Ms Osnat Lubrani, Resident Coordinator

UNDP Resident Representative
Kadavu House
Victoria Parade
Private Mail Bag

Ph: 3312500
Fax: 3301718



       iconmalaysia        Malaysia

 HE Ilham Tuah Illias, High Commissioner

High Commission of Malaysia
Pacific House
P O Box 356
Butt Street

Ph: 3312166
Fax: 3303350



       iconnauru        Nauru

 HE Kim Aroi, High Commissioner

Nauru High Commission
Ratu Sukuna House
7th Floor
P O Box 2420
Government Buildings

Ph: 3313566 / 3312032
Fax: 3312032 / 3318311



       iconpng        Papua New Guinea

 HE Ms Lucy Bogari, High Commissioner

Papua New Guinea High Commission
1st Floor
Central Street Building
1 Central Street
P O Box 2447

Ph: 3304244
Fax: 3300178



       iconchina        People's Republic of China

 HE Qian Bo, Ambassador

Embassy of the People's Republic of China
147 Queen Elizabeth Drive
Private Mail Bag

Ph: 3300215 / 3301833
Fax: 3300950



       iconkorea        Republic of Korea

 HE Ms Cho Shin-hee, Ambassador

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Vanua House (8th Floor)
Private Mail Bag

Ph: 3300977
Fax: 3308059



       iconmarshall        Republic of the Marshall Islands

 H.E Ruben Rakin Zackhras, Ambassador

Embassy of the Republic of Marshall Islands
41 Boron Road
P O Box 2038
Government Building

Ph: 3387899
Fax: 3387115



       iconsouth africa flag        South Africa

 Mr Velelo Gardener Kwepile, Charge de Affaires

High Commission of South Africa
Kimberly Street
Private Mail Bag

Ph: 3311087
Fax: 3311086




Republic of Cuba


 H.E Carlos Manuel Rojas Lago, Ambassador

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba
265 Princess Road

Ph: 337 3634



       icontuvalu 128        Tuvalu

 HE Temate Melitiana, High Commissioner

Tuvalu High Commission
16 Gorrie Street
P O Box 14449

Ph: 3301355 / 3300697
Fax: 3308479



       icon united states        United States of America

 HE Ms Judith B Cefkin, Ambassador

Embassy of the United States of America
158 Princess Road
P O Box 218

Ph: 3314466
Fax: 3300081




 HE Masahiro Omura, Ambassador

Embassy of Japan
Dominion House (2nd Floor)
P O Box 13045

Ph: 330 4633
Ph: 330 2122
Fax: 330 1452


       FlagNZ        New Zealand

 HE Mr Jonathan Andrew Curr, High Commissioner

High Commission to Fiji
Reserve Bank of Fiji
Pratt Street,

Ph: 331 1422
Fax: 330 0842



       FlagIndo        Indonesia

 HE Mr Raden Mohammed Benyamin Scott Carnadi, Ambassador

Embassy of Indonesia
6th Floor, Ra Marama Building
91 Gordon Street,

Ph: 331 6697



    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
P. O. Box 2220
Government Buildings
Suva, Fiji
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: (679) 330 9645
Levels 1&2, South Wing, iTaukei Trust Fund Complex, 87 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Nasese