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Vac 54/17: Director Asia - readvertised

Vac 55/17: Director Multilateralsreadvertised

Vac 57/17: Director Oceaniareadvertised

Snr Agribusiness Development Advisor - Fiji Agricultural Partnership Project

Vac 56/17: First Secretary - Bilaterals - vacancy withdrawn



On 22 January 2016 the Fijian Civil Service introduced Open Merit Recruitment and Selection. The focus of the changes is to ensure that the best eligible applicant for each position is appointed to the position. All positions in the Fijian Civil Service are available for open competition, and eligible, qualified people are encouraged to apply.
Eligibility will be specified in the advertisement and job description, but is generally Fijian Citizen, under 55 years of age, of good character with a clear police record, in sound health and able to demonstrate a commitment to the values of the Public Service (as stipulated in the Fijian Constitution).

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Please contact Corporate Services for HR enquiries or Tevita Bulu for Online Application issues.







Director Oceania (closed)
Director Multilaterals(closed)
Director Asia  (closed)
Snr Foreign Service Officer Nadi (closed)
First Secretary Geneva(closed)
Counselor Jakarta (closed)
First Secretary Jakarta (closed)

Deputy Secretary Policy

Vacancy No 10/2017: Snr Admin Officer - Assets (closed)
Vacancy No 11/2017: Snr Policy Officer (closed)
Vacancy No 12/2017: Snr System Analyst  (closed)
Vacancy No 13/2017: Snr Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (closed)
Vacancy No 14/2017: Systems Analyst (closed)
Vacancy No 15/2017: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (closed)
Vacancy No 16/2017: Admin Officer - HR (closed)
Vacancy No 17/2017: Executive Officer - HR (closed)
Vacancy No 18/2017: Admin Officer - Registry (closed)
Vacancy No 19/2017: Secretary - DSP (closed)
Vacancy No 20/2017: Driver - Nadi (closed)
Vacancy No 21/2017: Messenger/Cleaner (closed)
Vacancy No 22/2017: Tea Lady/Cleaner (closed)
Vacancy No 23/2017: Watchman (closed)
Vacancy No 24/2017: Gardener (closed)
Vacancy No 25/2017: Accounts Officer - HQ (closed)
Vacancy No 26/2017: Accounts Officer - Missions (closed)
Vacancy No 27/2017: Asst Accounts Officer - HQ (closed)
Vacancy No 28/2017: Clerical Officer - HR (closed)
Vacancy No 29/2017: Clerical Officer - Leave & Logistics (closed)
Vacancy No 30 & 31/2017: Foreign Service Assistant (closed)
Vacancy No 32/2017: Executive Officer - Asset Management (closed)
Vacancy No 33/2017: Secretary - RAD (closed)
Vacancy No 34/2017: Principal P & E Officer (closed)

Vacancy No 10/2017: Counsellor, New Delhi (closed)

Vacancy No 01/2017: Counsellor, Roving Ambassador (closed)
Vacancy No 02/2017: First Secretary, Bilateral Missions (closed)
Vacancy No 03/2017: First Secretary, New York (closed)
Vacancy No 04/2017: Principal Admin Officer, Corporate Service (closed)
Vacancy No 05/2017: Second Secretary, Bilateral Missions (closed)
Vacancy No 06/2017: Snr Foreign Service Officer, South East Asia (closed)
Vacancy No 07/2017: Pricipal Foreign Service Officer, Multi-Laterals (closed)
Vacancy No 08/2017: Snr Foreign Service Officer, Oceania (closed)
Vacancy No 09/2017: Foreign Service Officer, Policy (closed)
Vacancy 17/16: Foreign Service Officer, Protocol Nadi (Re-advertised) (closed)
Vacancy 18/16: Senior Foreign Service Assistant, Protocol HQ (Re-advertised) (closed)