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Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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 (L-R) Mr. Michael Goldman, Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy, Deputy Secretary Policy Mr. Esala Nayasi with United States Assistant Secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs Mr. Randall Schriver and Deputy Secretary for Defence and National Security Mr IIai Moceica 

Deputy Secretary Policy Mr. Esala Nayasi met with the United States Assistant Secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs Mr. Randall Schriver.

During a meeting held last week Friday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Suva, the officials had the opportunity to exchange information on the status of Fiji and US relations. 

Fiji and the US have enjoyed good relations since the establishment of Diplomatic relations in 1971 and the two countries endeavour together in addressing current global pressing issues such as international security.

In his remarks, Mr Nayasi acknowledged the US for its recent moves to directly engage with Fiji and the Pacific.

He also stated that he looks forward to the new opportunities that Fiji’s partnership with the State of Nevada would provide towards enhancing Fiji and US relations.

Additionally, Mr. Nayasi acknowledged the recently signed Fiji-US ship-rider agreement providing for exchange of information, technical expertise and resources to enhance maritime security.

In response, Secretary Schriver acknowledged the enhanced collaborations with the Fijian Government and noted the US is committed to being a responsible partner and to engage in a way that is responsive to Fiji’s needs.

As such, the Nevada National Guard would be in Fiji shortly to conduct a mission to understand the areas of needs for the mutual cooperation and engagement with Fiji.




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Several members of Public Accounts Committee of the Fijian Parliament visiting Wellington this week took advantage of a visit to the Wellington City Council’s Southern Landfill yesterday to glean a few ideas for waste management in Fiji. This included the Hon. Alexander O’Connor, Assistant Minister for Health, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, Opposition parliamentarian and Ms. Priya Chand, Parliamentary Secretary who were accompanied by the Fiji High Commission New Zealand staff.

The Southern landfill is an impressive setup particularly as it focuses on recycling and minimising the damage to the environment at the landfill.


Other remarkable features of the landfill were its gas collection, electricity regeneration, green waste mulching and water table management. The Hon. O’Connor, an engineer by profession, was particularly impressed and intends to develop a few ideas for the Fijian Government to consider.


The PAC members were invited to attend the Pacific PAC training seminar in Wellington facilitated by UNDP from the 12th to the 13th December.

The PAC members, including Deputy Chair, Hon. Mohammed Dean, MP, were hosted to afternoon tea at the Fiji Chancery.  It was an opportunity for the Parliamentarians to meet the Locally Engaged Staff at the Mission and also update the staff on the work and concerns of the Public Accounts Committee.



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